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Sue Lathrop reviewed Kontrol Room Martial Arts & Fitness
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We had out first experience with KRMMA last night. After moving here from Syracuse, NY, I didn't know what to expect from a dojo and I have to say that I was very surprised and impressed. This is not a traditional dojo, which is what my son is used to, but he loved his first class. He can't wait to go back. He has learned the fundamentals, and now he is going to be able to learn how to put that training to use. The workouts appear to be intense, but my son walked away wanting more. Thank you for creating an environment where kids can learn, but not feel pressure to be perfect or be cut down for doing something incorrectly. I look forward to a long and happy relationship with KRMMA.

Jennifer Alvarado Goodall reviewed Kontrol Room Martial Arts & Fitness
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These guys really know what they're doing. If your looking for a place to get in shape and learn something while doing it Cobra Kai is for you. They have the skill to train to athletes and the patience to teach children while keeping class fun. Make no mistake, this place is for Real.

Michael Mark Catalan reviewed Kontrol Room Martial Arts & Fitness
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If you have a child and want him/her to learn humility, integrity, and have positive attitude then this is the place for you to sign them up!! Jack is a leader in the martial arts community who holds traditional beliefs in martial arts . He is passionate about our youth becoming assets to their families and community, not liabilities who just want to learn to fight . If I had a young child and didn't have a martial arts background , my child would definitely be Jacks shadow . 5 Stars all the way !!!!!!

Jaime L. Lers reviewed Kontrol Room Martial Arts & Fitness
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My SON absolutely loves it here!!!
Others cannot compare, the Staff at Kontrol Room is Beyond all expectations and treat your child like their very own!!!
We've been around the corner, and down the street.... BUT this place can't be BEAT!!

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